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Gallery Hire Information for Artists

We love hearing from Artists of all mediums interested in staging an art exhibition with us. Below you'll find all the essential details and guidelines for exhibiting work at our gallery.

To view examples of the gallery hire agreement and tasklist you will be required to sign and comply with, click the relevant button.


To enquire about availability use the "Contact" page, we ask you provide links to your website/images of your work and your biography information upon enquiry, along with your preference for time of year. Our peak period is January-Easter and we are often booked out a year in advance for these times. Our shoulder periods of Easter-May and September-December are also popular.

Exhibition Spaces:

Our Lower event space is a permanent gallery space. Our Upper event space is multi-purpose event space with a focus on performing arts that can also be setup as an exhibition space. Artists can choose the space that best suits their exhibition needs and availability.

Artwork Delivery, Installation, Removal, and Collection:

Artists are responsible for delivering and collecting their artworks. Installation and make-good responsibilities are outlined in the agreement.

Artwork Pricing and Sales:

Artists must provide a biography, exhibition statement, and artwork details for promotional purposes. Sales transactions are handled by the gallery, with payment to the artist after deducting the agreed-upon commission.

Gallery Promotion:

As chosen by the Artist, we either leador support  promotion efforts through various channels, with artist input and approval on promotional materials.

Insurance & Liability

While we take reasonable care of artworks during the exhibition, artists are encouraged to insure their pieces against loss or damage. We take steps to secure artworks but are not liable for loss, damage, theft, or injury.

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