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Funk N Punk Night
Funk N Punk Night

Sat, 23 Sept



Funk N Punk Night

Unleash your inner funky rebel and join us for a night filled with electric vibes, infectious beats, and non-stop dancing!

Time & Location

23 Sept 2023, 7:30 pm

Orbost, 8 Clarke St, Orbost VIC 3888, Australia

About the event

Two Local Bands, Old's Cool and Mamma Dees & The Machine, Come together to transport us back to the old school funk and punk vibes of yesteryear.  Dress up and come ready to dance the night away.  There will be spaces set up to sit and enjoy the entertainment if your feet get tired.

There will be prizes for best dressed and best dancer.

Bring your own Drinks and Snacks


OLD'S COOL can be best described as a folk-infused band that brings a dynamic fusion of blues, rock, and punk elements, blending an old-school ambiance with contemporary lyricism. The moniker "OLDSCOOL" was inspired by the feedback of our enthusiastic audiences who found our music to be reminiscent of the past while resonating with modern themes.

Ruth, a founding member of the band, derives immense joy from crafting songs and witnessing the audience revel in our distinctive sound. Comparisons have been drawn between our sound and the likes of Patty Smith, underlining the strong and impactful vocals that are an integral part of our identity.

During the time when we operated the musical café at Morganics East Gippsland, it became a hub for local musicians to come together, fostering an environment of creativity and enjoyment. It was during this period that both "mumma" and Morganics joined N1M, setting the stage for serendipitous connections. This led to the collaboration between Duncan, our accomplished lead guitarist, and Ruth. They subsequently teamed up with Matt Hickey, who commands the bass guitar, Nick Fischer, a versatile drummer and guitarist, and Robbie Beel, who adds his rhythmic flair on percussion.

As the chapter of the café came to a close, it opened up more time for us to channel our energies into the creation of a new album with OLD'S COOL, a band rooted in Orbost. Our recent recording venture at Snowy River Studio marks an exciting milestone, and we eagerly anticipate sharing our new compositions with all of you. We extend our hopes that you thoroughly relish the experience of our latest album, titled "today's Menu."

For band bookings, please feel free to contact Ruth (Lead Vocalist)


Mamma Dee & The Machine is a magical collaboration of 5 local East Gippsland muso’s whose love of good quality music, entertaining & having loads of fun is what gives this band a solid, truly tried & tested gold foundation.

With loads of experience under our collective belt, we love performing an exciting range of funk & soul tunes, which entice the audience with sultry grooves, heart & soul vibes of soul through to the crescendo of "shakin' ya booty" with passion to the funkiest beats in town.

We take pride in covering a very wide range of well known artists like Stevie Wonder, Etta James, Chaka Khan, Aretha Franklin, Lenny Kravitz, Amy Winehouse, Renee Geyer name but a few, as well as finding that sweet spot with showcasing the more eclectic collection of modern funk n soul grooves from artists you may not know like Ann Peebles, Breakestra, Lexsoul Dancemachine, so by the end of the night, you will be basking in the delicious funky champagne of delight & that feeling will put you on cloud nine!

We promise a quality, high energy lovin' show that won’t disappoint.

For band bookings, please feel free to contact either Mamma Dee (Lead Vocalist) &/or Stu Box (Lead Guitarist)

Stay funky! Xoxo

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