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Jeff McGrath | The Pleasure of Art

Paintings and drawings

Opening event with wine and cheese

7pm Thursday 06 April | $10 RVSP text 0439 721 007

Exhibition until 30 April 2023

Born in 1957, in the countryside (at that time) of Ringwood, to a loving, working class family. To suppress my hyperactivity, I was encouraged strongly to sit and draw. Today, I'm labelled by many as enthusiastic and forever grateful to my Grandfather for sharing his creative genes.

The works on display are an example of my passions. I am still discovering, still learning, still in love with what I see around me. Most of the medium used is water soluble crayon. And I love it. Others on display are either pencil or my hair brain idea to use the endless gum leaves and paper bark that clogs our pool and yard. The characters I've chosen for those pieces, are people I respect and who have contributed to our society in a meaningful way.

If this exhibition has stirred you at all and inspired you, then good!

Thankyou for being here.

- Jeff McGrath 2023

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