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The OEC is an incorporated not-for-profit organisation. As a community-managed, volunteer-run facility all funds received are used to support our purpose:

“To deliver an ongoing program that fosters and showcases Wood Design, Visual Arts and Performing Arts to Orbost, surrounding communities and visitors to the Far East Gippsland area.”

Considering making a bequest to the Orbost Exhibition Centre?

Your generous contribution will help support the Centre's purpose. Making a bequest is a meaningful way to leave a lasting legacy and ensure the continuation of our important work.

What is a Bequest?

A bequest is a provision in your will that allows you to allocate assets or a portion of your estate to a charitable organisation, such as the OEC, after your passing. By making a bequest, you can have a significant impact on the causes you care about, supporting them long into the future.

Types of Bequests:

There are different types of bequests you can consider when making your will:

  1. Residual Bequest: You can choose to leave a percentage or the remainder of your estate after specific gifts, debts, and expenses have been settled.

  2. Pecuniary Bequest: With a pecuniary bequest, you specify a fixed sum of money to be given to the Orbost Exhibition Centre.

  3. Specific Bequest: This type of bequest allows you to designate specific assets, such as property, shares, artwork, or other items of value, to be given to the Centre.

Direction of Bequests:

  • Generally (for the OEC to choose to use as best suits),

  • To acquisitions of works,

  • To development/support of specific art forms within our scope,

  • To specific events or activities.

How to make a Bequest to the OEC:

1. We encourage you to get in contact and let us know you are making a bequest, so we can discuss the best impact your generous contribution can make to the future of the OEC and note your bequest on our records.

2. The OEC cannot give legal advice, and strongly advises you retain the services of suitably qualified legal professional. 

3. Suggested wording for a simple gift in a will to the Art Gallery itself:

  • I give [% of my estate/$x /the rest and residue of my estate] to the Orbost Exhibition Centre on the Snowy River Inc, * Clarke St, Orbost VIC 3888 ('the OEC’) for the use and benefit of the OEC at its absolute discretion and I direct that a receipt from the OEC shall be sufficient discharge for such gift. I choose [to be/not to be] publicly acknowledged by the OEC for this gift.

  • Wording for a gift in a will to a specific area of support or acquisition of works should be discussed with the OEC and legal professional.

4. When making or updating your will, we strongly recommend that you consult a solicitor to ensure it is legally valid and reflects your intentions.

How we thank you

Once received, and provided you have indicated your consent to being publicly acknowledged the OEC will add you to our list of supporters on annual communications, our website and social media.

Larger bequests can come with a naming right to a program, acquisition or space, on negotiation with the OEC as part of the preparation of your will and making of a bequest. Legal fees may apply.

Contact us today to discuss a bequest

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