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This calendar shows event times that have already been booked. Upper Event Space = Green

Lower Event Space = Blue

Please note that availability is indicative only. Your booking is confirmed only when you have received confirmation email with access details.


To lodge a booking enquiry, complete the form at the bottom of this page.

Upper Event Space

  • Accessible via ramp

  • Open-plan area with adjoining kitchenette (dishwasher not currently working)

  • Male, Female & Disabled bathrooms down side corridor

  • Flexible music and performance space

  • Moveable stage (due to weight, moving only recommended for major events)

  • Well suited for private parties, team meetings, presentations, workshops, films showings and lectures (Note: no physical door, sound transfers between spaces)

  • Please get in contact about your IT needs (additional fees apply)


  • 80-100 standing

  • 30-40 seated around tables

  • 50-60 seated auditorium style

Lower Event Space

  • Accessible via ramp and stairs

  • Open-plan area, visually linked to the permanent collection, shop and main entry area

  • Bathrooms not located on this floor, but accessible via ramp

  • Flexible gallery space well suited for art exhibitions

  • Temporary folding walls can be added & removed as needed for additional hanging space

  • Some plinths can be provided

  • If used in conjunction with upstairs, private parties, breakout team activities, cocktail events & similar are also suited to the space

  • Please get in contact about your IT needs (additional fees apply)


  • 80-100 standing

  • 30-40 seated around tables

Venue Hire Rates, Terms & Conditions

Upper Event Space

Category A: Local unfunded artists and local community groups

  • Meetings - $5/person (up to 3 hours)

  • Workshops - $120/day

  • Public Performance/Presentation - $220/event or day

Category B: External hirers/Orgs/Govt Agencies/Commercial Entities/Funded Artists

  • Full Day/Out of hours bookings - $440/booking

  • Under 3 hours (must commence during staffed hours) - $220

Lower Event Space

Category A: Local unfunded artists and local community groups

  • Gallery Hire 100/week



Category B: External hirers/Orgs/Govt Agencies/Commercial Entities/Funded artists

  • Gallery Hire 300/week

Other charges (Optional)

  • Cleaning Fee (available per booking, or per day for multi-day bookings) $150/clean

  • IT support, promotional, technical, ticketing and front of house support is available on request, via quotation

Hire Terms & Conditions

  1. Building Access is provided only for duration of the booking. If physical key pickup is required, this must occur during      OEC opening hours. Bookings are only confirmed once you have received email confirmation and associated access details.

  2. Payment must be made upon invoice or on the day of the event.

  3. Consumption of alcohol is only permitted inline with relevant liquor licensing arrangements and is not permitted without a person present with valid Responsible Service of Alcohol certificate.

  4. Excessive noise: Music must cease by 11pm, unless specific permission has been granted for an extension.

  5. Infringement on the neighbours and the community: All functions are limited to the confines of the OEC, the upstairs deck and the entry deck. (The walkway to the park, the park, car parks and surrounding streets are not considered part of the venue for hire.). This may need to be explained to those attending functions.

  6. Property cleaning and damage: Any property damaged will be repaired by tradespersons contracted by the OEC Committee at cost to the hirer. By returning this form, you, as the hirer, agree to pay the OEC Committee any additional monies required to make right damage caused as a result of your event. The hirer will leave the venue clean and in its original state. Please wipe down all surfaces, taps, handles, etc with COVID Safe disinfectant. If cleaning has not been conducted to a proper standard, a cleaning contractor will be engaged at cost to the hirer. In the event that the Orbost Exhibition Centre Committee of Management is required to administer cleaning / repairs or fire extinguisher contractor/s etc. – the hirer will be invoiced for an administration fee of $100.00.

  7. Evidence of certificates:  Where advised by the OEC, a copy of a valid public liability insurance certificate, working with children check, or any other certification/documentation must be provided to confirm your booking. 

  8. Acceptance of Terms & Conditions: Return of this form electronically acts as an electronic signature, whereby the hirer accepts the terms & conditions of hire.

Hirer Details

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