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8 Clarke Street, Orbost

VIC 3888


(03) 5154 2634

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10:00 am – 3:00 pm

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Submit a Proposal

Thank you for your interest in submitting a proposal to the Orbost Exhibition Centre Committee. Please complete this application form in its entirety to ensure that your proposal can be thoroughly reviewed. This form will help us assess the suitability of your proposal and determine its alignment with our exhibition objectives.

Please note, as a volunteer-run organisation your proposal is much more likely to gain support if you bring energy and the ability to lead your idea with you, as part of the proposal. As we currently have no funding for staff, we are unable to take on resource-heavy activities without external support.

Personal Information
Proposal Details

(Please provide a brief overview of your proposal in 100 words or less)

Activity Category (select one)

(Please provide a detailed description of your activity proposal, including where relevant the artistic concept, techniques, materials, and any special requirements. What do you want to do, or are you suggesting the OEC does?)

(Specify the duration of the proposed activity, including preferred start and end dates)

(Please provide a statement about the experience of the proponent in delivering the activity - i.e. CV, artist statement that highlights your artistic background, experience, and relevant achievements, etc

(Specify any specific technical requirements or equipment the activity needs)

(If you have any collaborators or team members involved in this proposal, please list their names and roles)

(Please provide an estimated budget breakdown for the activity, including any costs associated with production, installation, transportation, and promotion)

Upload File

(Upload any relevant documents that supports or further outlines your proposal)

(i.e. Letter of Support, Auspice, in-kind support, discounted venue hire, etc)

Thanks for submitting!

Note: The information provided in this application form will be used solely for the purpose of reviewing and processing exhibition proposals.

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